Conservation at Caldwell Zoo

As a member of the AZA, Caldwell Zoo participates in many breeding projects. Animals born at the zoo include giraffes, flamingoes, black rhinoceros, giant anteaters, and many others.

Below is a list of endangered, threatened and vulnerable species you will find during your visit to the Zoo.


Species Federal Status Texas Status Other
African Elephant T SSP
African Lion SSP
Black Rhinoceros E SSP
Black & White Colobus Monkey SSP
Bongo SSP
Cheetah E SSP
Chinchilla E
Coati T
Cotton-Top Tamarin E SSP
Grevy’s Zebra T SSP
Puma T
Reticulated Giraffe SSP
Ring-Tailed Lemur E SSP
Ruffed Lemur E SSP


Species Federal Status Texas Status Other
African Gray Parrot CITES II
Attwater’s Prairie Chicken E E SSP
Bald Eagle T T CITES I
Black-necked Swan CITES II
Blue & Gold Macaw CITES II
Chilean Flamingo CITES II
Comb Duck CITES II
Fulvous Whistling Duck CITES III
Green-winged Macaw CITES II
Harlaub’s Turaco CITES II
Hyacinth Macaw CITES I
Jandaya Conure CITES II
King Vulture CITES III
Lesser Flamingo CITES II
Military Macaw CITES I
Northern Black-bellied Whistling Duck CITES III
Sacred Ibis CITES III
Sandhill Crane CITES II
Scarlet Ibis CITES II
Scarlet Macaw CITES I
Sun Conure CITES II

Reptiles & Amphibians

Species Federal Status Texas Status Other
Alligator Snapping Turtle T
American Alligator T
Black-spotted Newt T
Canebrake Rattlesnake T
Desert Tortoise T
Texas Indigo Snake T
Texas Tortoise T


E = ENDANGERED, Population in danger of extinction.
T = THREATENED, Population at risk of becoming endangered.
SSP = SPECIES SURVIVAL PLAN, A cooperative program among AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) accredited institutions created for the purpose of ensuring the survival of species in need of conservation efforts.
I = Species threatened with extinction.
II = Species potentially threatened unless trade is regulated.
III = Species threatened within certain countries.


Help save a rhino by donating your old cell phone.

Help us turn your cell phones, cell phone batteries and chargers into much needed funds for rhino conservation and at the same time keep toxins found in these phones from ending up in our landfills and poisoning our environment.

Collection boxes are located at the zoo's front entry and Tyler Recycling Center. All proceeds collected from cell phone recycling at Caldwell Zoo will be donated directly to the International Rhino Foundation.