African Lion

Prides are comprised mostly of females and their young, with one or more adult males who defend the pride. The dominant males will protect the pride from any independent younger males that come their way. Female cubs can stay with the pride through their sexual maturity and afterwards if they choose to, but male cubs must leave the pride by the time they are 3 years old, two years before they reach sexual maturity. Lions are the only cat to exhibit marked differences between males and females. Females hunt proportionately more often than males do, and often will join together as a team to bring down larger prey. Each lion can consume 40 lbs. of meat from each kill (average is two kills per week).

African Lion

Panthera leo

Habitat: Central Africa, savannas and semi-desert scrub

Diet in the wild: Wildebeest, zebra, topi, gazelle, buffalo, hare, baboon, crocodile, Guinea fowl, young giraffe, young elephant, young rhino and sometimes carrion.

Diet at Caldwell Zoo: Ground meat (up to 11 lbs.), large bones

Size: Up to 530 lbs

Family: All the lionesses in a pride share the responsibility of caring for the cubs

Status: Vulnerable

Did you know? Lions are inactive 20-21 hours per day



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