Grevy’s Zebra

Grevy’s zebras live in herds consisting of a stallion (male), mares (females), and foals. The zebras’ stripes offer the herd a kind of camouflage known as disruptive coloration. This means that instead of blending into their surroundings, zebras all blend together in a predator’s eyes so that the attacker cannot tell where one zebra ends and another begins. Unable to pick out one zebra to target, the predator may not attack. When the herd stops to rest or eat, there is always one member who remains alert to watch for predators. Male foals leave the herd between 1-3 years of age and join a bachelor herd until they are old enough to start their own herd (usually around 5 years of age).

Grevy's Zebra

Equus grevyi

Habitat: Grasslands of Africa

Diet in the wild: Tough, fibrous stalks of grass

Diet at Caldwell Zoo: Equilene sweetfeed, Caldwell Zoo pellets

Size: Weigh 770-900 pounds

Family: Baby zebras are able to run with their herd within an hour of being born.

Status: Endangered

Did you know? No two zebras have the same pattern of stripes – they are unique to every individual, like fingerprints.

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