Rock Hyrax

Rock Hyraxes are very social animals living in colonies of up to 50 individuals. They prefer to live on rocky outcrops and are very well-adapted climbers. Within a family unit, there may be a dominant male, a subordinate male and several breeding females with their offspring.

Hyrax have strong molars which are used to grind vegetation, just like an elephant. They also have two large incisor teeth which are sometimes visible, making them a smaller version of elephant tusks.

Rock Hyrax

Procavia capensis

Habitat: Rocky outcrops in Eastern and Southern Africa

Diet in the wild: Omnivores feeding on grasses, fruits, insects, bird eggs and small reptiles

Diet at Caldwell Zoo: Caldwell Zoo grain, apple, carrot, sweet potato, cabbage, rabbit chow, monkey chow and oats.

Size: Adults weigh less than 10 pounds

Family: Babies are precocial, and are up and moving around within hours after birth

Status: Least Concern

Did you know? Genetically, rock hyraxes are most closely related to modern day elephants.

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