The bobcat is the most abundant wildcat in the United States and has the greatest range of all native North American cats, yet it is rarely spotted by humans because of its elusive and nocturnal behaviors. This cat is roughly twice as big as the average housecat, and sometimes referred to as a “wildcat.” The bobcat gets its name from its tail that appears to be cut or “bobbed”.


Felis rufus

Habitat: Found in forests, mountains, semi-desert areas, brush land in North America

Diet in the wild: Small mammals, birds, and sometimes larger prey such as a deer

Diet at Caldwell Zoo: Ground meat and large bones

Size: Can weigh 9-33 pounds with a shoulder height of 17-22 inches

Family: Kittens travel with mother 6-9 months

Status: Least Concern

Did you know? Bobcats are very solitary cats and only come together during breeding season.

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