The coati is closely related to the well-known raccoon. However, unlike their cousins, coatis are diurnal – mostly active during the day. A coati is about the size of a large house cat with a ringed tail. Preferring to sleep in trees, the coati will build a bedlike twig and leaf nest. This mammal has a very flexible nose which it uses while foraging. Most amazing—the coati is able to descend trees head first.


Nasua narica

Habitat: Mainly wooded areas from Arizona to Argentina

Diet in the wild: Omnivorous—eating a variety of foods including invertebrates, lizards and fruit.

Diet at Caldwell Zoo: Puppy chow, apple, banana, carrot, sweet potato, bread, hard-boiled eggs, grapes and mealworms

Size: Weigh between 6-13 pounds. Length 15-26 inches

Family: Female builds a nest for youngsters. Young leave the nest at about 5 weeks of age

Status: Least Concern

Did you know? Coatis use many vocal signals to communicate with one another and often spend time grooming each other with their teeth and claws

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