Louisiana Black Bear

The Louisiana black bear is the smallest of the bears living in North America. Even though the name implies a black color, a black bear’s fur can range in color from a pure white to a cinnamon color to a very dark brown or black. This bear is an excellent swimmer and a good climber. This bear is omnivorous, with about 85% of its diet consisting of vegetation. The black bear does have a sweet tooth and will chew through a tree to get to a honey hive. Sometimes a black bear will even get cavities in its teeth because of those cravings for sweets.

Louisiana Black Bear

Ursus americanus

Habitat: North American forests

Diet in the wild: Nuts, roots, fruits, succulent greens, meat and fish

Diet at Caldwell Zoo: Chow, orange, pear, berries, pasta, rice and corn on the cob

Size: Weight 120-400 pounds; 4-7 feet from nose to tail

Family: Cubs remain with mother for a year and a half or more

Status: Least Concern

Did you know? Black bears have short non-retractile claws that aid their tree-climbing abilities. A black bear will climb a tree to find food or escape danger

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