Mountain Lion

The mountain lion is a solitary, nocturnal hunter employing a combination of stealth and power. This cat will stalk its prey until the opportunity arrives to pounce and attack with the fatal bite on the neck. If the prey is large enough, this big cat will hide the carcass and feed on it for several days.

Mountain Lion (Puma/Cougar)

Felis concolor

Habitat: Most widely distributed of American cats; inhabits coniferous forests, swamp jungles, tropical forests, open grasslands, dry bush and semi-desert areas throughout North, Central and South America.

Diet in the wild: Large and small mammals (deer to mice), fish, insects and birds

Diet at Caldwell Zoo: Ground meat and large bones

Size: Weigh around 160 pounds; head to rear length about 60 inches

Family: Solitary with the exception of female with young. Females can have a litter of one to six kittens. Interestingly, young mountain lions have spots—great for camouflage. Those spots disappear as the kittens mature. Kittens stay with mother for up to 2 years

Status: Least Concern

Did you know? The mountain lion is commonly referred to as cougar, puma, or panther

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