Crested Screamer

The crested screamer (also known as the southern screamer) is an excellent swimmer with partially webbed feet although it prefers to move about on land. This bird is a great flier and can circle for hours in search of food. Most amazing—the crested screamer has bony spurs on its wings. The spurs are used as a defensive weapon.

Crested Screamer

Chauna torquata

Habitat: Central South American tropical and subtropical swamps and estuaries

Diet in the wild: Plant stems and leaves and sometimes small animals

Diet at Caldwell Zoo: Waterfowl mix, crowned crane mix

Size: 32-37 inches with a wingspan of about 67 inches; 6½-11 pounds

Family: Monogamous, mate for life

Status: Least concern; population stable at present

Did you know? The crested screamer can produce loud calls that can be heard for two miles.

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