Grey-Winged Trumpeter

This gregarious bird can be seen in flocks of 50 or more when not breeding. The trumpeter is monogamous and mates for life. The trumpeter is a rather weak flier and prefers to run rather than fly.

Grey-Winged Trumpeter

Psophia crepitans

Habitat: Central and South American undisturbed forests

Diet in the wild: Insects and fruits picked up from ground

Diet at Caldwell Zoo: Orange, apple, banana, spring mix, squash, corn, grapes, crickets, fuzzies, mealworms, waxworms

Size: 19-22 inches; almost 3 pounds

Family: Monogamous; mate for life

Status: Near threatened; numbers decreasing

Did you know? Trumpeters are kept as pet alarm birds since they can be quite loud when disturbed. They also hunt snakes.

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