Squirrel Monkey

Squirrel monkeys are great jumpers using their tails as rudders and for balance as they leap through the trees. A baby squirrel monkey is a clinger baby, riding on mom’s back for the first few weeks of life. When a baby arrives, “aunties” often help with parental responsibilities. Those “aunties” are probably learning how to be a mom. About one month of age, a youngster will venture off mom’s back to play. Social play helps the youngster bond with his/her peers.

Squirrel Monkey

Samimir sciureus

Habitat: Central and South America, preferring forested areas along streams

Diet in the wild: Omnivore with bulk of diet being fruits

Diet at Caldwell Zoo: Primate diet, hard-boiled egg, apple, banana, bread, cabbage and sweet potato

Size: 1½-2½ lbs

Family: Live in large troops of 10 to 300 individuals

Status: Least concern

Did you know? In relation to body size, a squirrel monkey’s brain is larger than a human’s. A squirrel monkey’s brain is 1/7 of its body weight while a human’s is 1/35.

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