Sun Conure

This colorful small parrot, sometimes called a sun parakeet, is an endangered species due to several factors. Habitat loss is causing issues as is the collection of those beautiful feathers. But a big problem for this little bird is the pet trade. It is estimated that up to 800,000 birds are collected each year. The United States enacted the Wild Bird Conservation Act in 1992 to help protect this species and others.

Sun Conure

Arantinga solstitials

Habitat: Northeastern South America

Diet in the wild: Fruits, flowers, seeds, nuts, berries, insects

Size: 12 inches long; 4 ounces

Family: Very social; flocks of 23-30 individuals

Status: Endangered; numbers decreasing

Did you know? This small parrot is really loud for its size. The sun conure (sometimes called a sun parakeet) is quite smart and very curious. If you a watch sun conure for a time, you’ll notice that it uses its feet much like you use your hands.

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