Wattled Currasow

This beautiful black bird has fancy curly feathers on its head along with quite the eye-catching red-orange bill ornamentation. The currasow lives in the tropical forests and highlands and rarely comes to the ground in the wild. Because of this life in the trees, little is known of their breeding habits.

Wattled Currasow

Crax globulosa

Habitat: Western and southwestern Amazon basin of Brazil, Columbia, Eastern Ecuador and Peru and northern parts of Bolivia

Diet in the wild: Mainly fruits and other plants; some small invertebrates

Diet at Caldwell Zoo: Blueberries, romaine, spinach, banana, orange, apple, bread, mealworms, egg, grapes

Size: 32-35 inches; 5-6 pounds

Family: Social with small family groups

Status: Rarely found in the wild; unsustainable hunting and habitat destruction have led to decreased numbers

Did you know? The currasow has a whistling call that sounds like a missile dropping from above.

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