North America

Roaming Caldwell Zoo’s American plains are white-tailed deer, bison, Texas longhorns and wild turkeys. Hanging out near the pond, you’ll find a variety of water fowl, sandhill cranes and a bale of turtles. A walk through North America will bring you to a family of coatis, red fox, bald eagles and other birds of prey, crazy river otters, mountain lions, ocelot and bobcats. Continuing on you will come to the alligator pond where you might see a ‘gator relaxing in the sun. Across the way you may find the black bears splashing in their own running stream or pool. Don’t miss the exhibit showcasing the Attwater's prairie chicken – a Texas bird which is a critically endangered member of the grouse family.

Not quite from North America, but housed in the North America section of the zoo, are white Asian tigers. White tiger brother Willie King and sister Meka have won the hearts of most of Caldwell Zoo’s visitors and staff.