A Place for Kids

Kids and the zoo just naturally go together. Caldwell Zoo has a special area just for kids – those of the human variety and those of the goat variety.

Just around the corner to the left of the zoo’s front entry is a petting area with several very friendly goats that human kids of all ages can pet.

Nearby the petting area is another kid-friendly spot with sand to play in and tunnels to climb through. A highlight of this area is an old red truck that used to belong to Mr. D. K. Caldwell, the founder of Caldwell Zoo. The truck has been recently refurbished for a second time. It seems that the truck is so loved that our maintenance folks have to fix it rather regularly.

And just for kids – there's a lot happening at our African Huts (right across from the rhino house)!  Be sure to check out the education page on this website for some special activities just for kids!

For kids – you'll discover fun Zooper Days and exciting camps and classes.

For teachers – the zoo has TEKS-aligned classes for students of all ages.

For Cub Scout and Girl Scout leaders – you'll find FunShops and Nocturnal Ed-ventures to help your troop, den or pack earn badges and achievements.