Check out what’s happening at Caldwell Zoo! Here you’ll find both recent news and information on upcoming events at the Zoo.

construction update

The new restaurant has four walls, the serpentine walkway has been paved, and the giraffe feeding platform is taking shape. Construction crews have been very busy! Giraffes may be viewed inside the giraffe building and most African animals are viewable from the lion viewing window. Construction crews will soon begin work on the new elephant yard and pool.

Light snacks and drinks may be purchased at concessions located near the reptile building.



The Caldwell Zoo has begun a $6.7 million construction project which will renovate the African Overlook portion of the zoo.  This project will take 14-17 months to complete and include an expanded elephant yard and pool, a raised giraffe feeding deck which will allow visitors to purchase food and feed giraffes, a new café with indoor seating and expanded outdoor seating, as well as a new ADA-accessible path leading to the overlook.

Because of construction, some zoo pathways may be closed for a period of time.

new baby

On April 10th Kamani--meaning "spring" in Swahili--was born to mother Malindi. With all of the recent rain, she's learned to love mud puddles and our keepers just can't seem to get enough of her. Right now, Malindi and Kamani are slowly being reintroduced to the herd with hopes of eventually having her on exhibit.

red-flanked duiker

The zoo recently received two red-flanked duikers. These little cuties are one of the smallest species of antelope standing just under 15 inches tall. Native to Africa, duikers are herbivores, feeding on leaves, grasses and fruits.
Currently on exhibit is Ryanne, from the Los Angeles Zoo. Buckwheat traveled from the Bronx Zoo and is still undergoing his mandatory quarantine. Eventually, the two will be introduced and on exhibit (across from the rhinos) together.



phone book recycle days

Help our Earth and get free admission to the zoo. Bring an old phone book to be recycled and receive one free admission ticket for each phone book recycled.
October 1 and 2; 9:00am - 4:00pm

African penguin awareness day

Our tuxedo-clad friends invite you to share their very special day.                October 15; 1:30-3:30 p.m.

boo at the zoo

Join us for some merry, not-so-scary Halloween fun.                                      October 29 and 30; 1:00pm-4:00pm