Check out what’s happening at Caldwell Zoo! Here you’ll find both recent news and information on upcoming events at the Zoo.

Baby boom

Attwater's Prairie Chicken is the most endangered bird in the state of Texas. With few birds left in the wild, multiple institutions are working hard to make sure they don't disappear forever.

This has been a banner year for our Attwater's Prairie Chickens here at the Caldwell Zoo. We currently have 40 babies and counting. Our fluffy little ones are anywhere from one day to four weeks old at this point. Our keepers are working extra hard to take care of these little chicks right now but once grown, many of them will be released into the wild.

too cute for words

Our East African Crowned Cranes have given us a little one who is too cute for words. Our new fluffy friend is now on exhibit for all to see. Be sure to keep an eye out for our little crowned crane on your next trip to the zoo - he'll grow up before you know it!

our golden lion tamarins have done it again!

On March 29th, two babies were born—a boy (Lucca) and girl (Arie). You can see them clinging to either mom’s or dad’s backs. Golden lion tamarins come from the rainforests of Brazil and are critically endangered due to forest destruction and fragmentation as well as the pet trade. Thanks for many organizations, conservation efforts are helping to stabilize the tamarin populations.

                                otterly adorable

Update: Pearl is now on exhibit for all to see!

Pearl, the otter, arrived on our doorstep after being deemed non-releasable by a local rehabber. Although we don't know for sure, we believe she is about two years old. After she completes her 30-day quarantine, our zookeepers will slowly introduce her to our current group of otters.
As you can see, Pearl is a playful bundle of joy, always excited to see her caretakers!

leo the lion

Recently, Leo, our old male African lion died at the age of 22 years (quite old for a lion). Leo was born here at the Caldwell Zoo and for the majority of his life he shared his space with his mom and aunt. He was a majestic lion and will be missed by all. The necropsy results showed that Leo had cancer throughout his chest and in his liver.



world lion day

Recently African lions were designated an endangered species.  Come celebrate Caldwell Zoo's pride.                                                                                               August 15, 1:30-3:30 p.m.

International vulture awareness day

Vultures play such an important role in our world. Join us as we get better acquainted with the birds that help keep our world clean.                       September 5, 1:30-3:30 p.m.