Check out what’s happening at Caldwell Zoo! Here you’ll find both recent news and information on upcoming events at the Zoo.


UPDATE: The main café has been demolished and the new bathroom building is under construction. Light snacks and drinks may be purchased at the concession stand located near the reptile building.

The Caldwell Zoo has begun a $6.5 million construction project which will renovate the African Overlook portion of the zoo.  This project will take 14-17 months to complete and include an expanded elephant yard and pool, a raised giraffe feeding deck which will allow visitors to purchase food and feed giraffes, a new café with indoor seating and expanded outdoor seating, as well as a new ADA-accessible path leading to the overlook.

Because of construction, some zoo pathways may be closed for a period of time.

pretty bird

Isn't she pretty? Look for Kuva, the red-crested turaco, in the African terrestrial exhibit located in the penguin building. After undergoing a 30-day quarantine period, Kuva is now on exhibit for everyone to see.

from texas to ohio

Remember Doc? We're happy to announce that he now resides at the Cleveland Zoo in Ohio. He will soon be introduced to the Zoo's female lions, Serena and Nala, and will hopefully make new friends.  While we will always miss Doc, we're glad he has the opportunity to start a family of his own. His sisters, Malika, Amira, and Zola, still remain at the Caldwell Zoo.




Wild Bird Tweets

This Zooper Day will be a real "tweet" as we celebrate "Wild Bird Feeding Month" with some special bird activities.                                                                                     February 13;  1:30-3:30 p.m.

Poison Jungle Safari

It's time for our tenth annual poison safari.  This event is held in cooperation with the North Texas Poison Control Center of Dallas.  Booths throughout the zoo will alert adults and children to possible poison dangers in the home.  March 26;  noon-4:00 p.m.