Check out what’s happening at Caldwell Zoo! Here you’ll find both recent news and information on upcoming events at the Zoo.

construction update

We have an elephant pool! When completed, the new pool will hold 100,000 gallons of water. We're sure the girls will just love it! Construction crews are continuing work on the café and bathroom building with a projected completion of Spring 2017.

Giraffes may be viewed inside the giraffe building and most African animals are viewable from the lion viewing window.

Light snacks and drinks may be purchased at concessions located near the reptile building.



The Caldwell Zoo has begun a $6.7 million construction project which will renovate the African Overlook portion of the zoo.  This project will take 14-17 months to complete and include an expanded elephant yard and pool, a raised giraffe feeding deck which will allow visitors to purchase food and feed giraffes, a new café with indoor seating and expanded outdoor seating, as well as a new ADA-accessible path leading to the overlook.

Because of construction, some zoo pathways may be closed for a period of time.

Baby alert

We currently have two young flamingos on the island. When first hatched, they resemble white, fluffy cotton balls. However, they will soon grow to be taller and develop gray plumage. Pink feathers develop over time, and the last pink feathers to emerge will be on the head. After about a year or so, you won't be able to tell who is an adult and who is a baby!

New species

Recently the zoo acquired a pair of caiman lizards. Native to the Amazon River basin, these lizards are highly aquatic and possess large scales and a tail similar to many crocodilian species. Their rounded teeth and powerful jaws help them crush the aquatic snails that they feed on. Right now our lizards are small, but when full grown they may reach up to 4 feet in length. Stop by the reptile building to take a peek!



Santa's workshop

Calling all kids—come on over to the African Huts to create some seasonal crafts to give or keep (small materials fee of 25¢-75¢).  And, best of all--SANTA is coming from the North Pole and will be at the African Huts to hear your favorite Christmas wishes!                                                                                               December 10 and 17; 1:30-3:30pm


January 13th is National Rubber Duckie Day.  Come help us celebrate our webbed-footed friends.  It'll be a quack-up!                                                        January 14; 1:30-3:30 p.m.


Come on up to the African Huts and we'll help you create some special critter Valentines.                                                                                                              February 11: 1:30-3:30 p.m.