Welcome to Africa! From our newly remodeled African overlook you can enjoy a panoramic view of our three-acre re-created African savanna.

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Located in the North America area of the Caldwell Zoo, the herpetarium is truly a cold-blooded adventure.

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North America

Turn to the right as you enter the Caldwell Zoo and there before your eyes is a two-acre North American plains with free-roaming white-tailed deer, bison, Texas longhorns and wild turkeys.

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South America

The South American section offers attractions like the world's largest rodent, giant anteaters, colorful macaws and squirrel monkeys.

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Wild Bird Walkabout

The Wild Bird Walkabout is certainly a “tweet.” With 600 birds--rainbow-colored parakeets and rosy-cheeked cockatiels—the aviary is always alive with activity as the birds fly from tree to tree.

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