Caiman Lizard

The caiman lizard prefers to eat snails. So with muscular jaws it crunches the snail, then spits out the pieces of shell. How cool!!

Caiman Lizard

Dracaena guianensis

Distribution: Swamps and flooded woodlands in northern regions of South America

Diet in the Wild: Snails, crawfish, freshwater clams, and occasionally Amazon river turtles

Diet at Caldwell Zoo: Snails, fuzzy mice, fish

IUCN Red List Status: Not evaluated

Interesting Facts:

Caiman lizards have a nictitating membrane, which is a clear third eyelid. They use this eyelid like a pair of goggles when underwater.

The caiman lizard gets its name from the thick scales that run down its back, which resemble the scales of the caiman crocodile.

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