North America

Turn to the right as you enter the Caldwell Zoo and there before your eyes is a two-acre North American plains with free-roaming white-tailed deer, bison, Texas longhorns and wild turkeys. Near the pond you can see a variety of waterfowl, sand hill cranes and even a bale of turtles. Our zoo guests are not allowed to feed the zoo animals as they are fed scientifically prepared diets, but here in North America you’ll find fish and duck food dispensers (25¢) so you can feed the pond residents. Continue your walk and you will meet coatis, red foxes, a bald eagle and other birds of prey, playful river otters as well as some North American cats—bobcats, ocelots and cougars. Continuing on, you will meet Tyler and Timber, our two black bears, as they splash in their pool or just relax in the sunshine. Then just around the corner you will come to the American alligator pond. Look carefully to see if you can spot Allie and Elwood, our two resident ‘gators, just hanging out.

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