Sun Conure

This colorful small parrot, sometimes called a sun parakeet, is an endangered species due to several factors. Habitat loss is causing issues as is the collection of those beautiful feathers. But a big problem for this little bird is the pet trade. It is estimated that up to 800,000 birds are collected each year. The United States enacted the Wild Bird Conservation Act in 1992 to help protect this species and others.

Sun Conure

Aratinga solstitialis

Distribution: Forests and savannas of northern Roraima (a Brazilian state) and the in the south of Guyana

Diet in the Wild: Buds, flowers, fruits, seeds

IUCN Red List Status: Endangered, population decreasing

Threats: Capture and export for the pet trade

Interesting Facts:

Sun conures were common throughout their range up until the 1970s. Now, their populations are greatly reduced, and they are considered possibly extinct over nearly 50% of their historical range.

Population declines of this species have been in large part due to demand in the pet trade. The sun conure’s bright coloration and small size as compared to other parrots has made it desirable to people looking to own exotic birds.

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