In the wild, cockatiels are normally grey in color, but with the advent of the pet trade, this little bird has been bred to have a variety of colors. Primarily, this pretty little bird is known for its rosy cheek patches. As with many of the parrot family, a cockatiel can be taught to “talk” when its owner repeats the same phrase over and over. Pet cockatiels have been known to live 25+ years.


Nymphicus hollandicus

Distribution: Grassland, shrubland and forests of most of inland Australia

Diet in the Wild: Various seeds, fruits and berries

Diet at Caldwell Zoo: Seeds, greens, bread and varied fruits and vegetables

IUCN Red List Status: Least concern, population stable

Interesting Facts:

Cockatiels are members of the cockatoo family, Cacatuidae. They even have a crest that they raise and lower to express different things. A raised crest generally indicates excitement or curiosity, while a flattened crest indicates discomfort.

In captivity, cockatiels are selectively bred to produce individuals with differing patterns and feather colors.

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