Meet the Education Team



Morgan joined our Education Team in May of 2018 from Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, where she was an Operations Manager. She attended Louisiana State University where she received an undergraduate degree in Political Science and International Studies. She also received a graduate degree in International Studies from University of Wyoming. Morgan's favorite zoo activity is our Bat Echolocation game. Her favorite animals at the Caldwell Zoo are our giraffes because she could talk about their adaptations for hours (did you know they have purple 18 inch tongues?!)!


Education Manager

Alex has been on the Education Team at Caldwell Zoo for over three years. Alex came to us from the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco. She attended Baylor University where she received an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and a graduate degree in Informal Education. Alex's favorite zoo activity is singing silly songs such as "Baby Shark . . . da da da da da da ." Her favorite animal here at the Caldwell Zoo is Tonya our African elephant because elephant's adaptations are endless (did you know they have more muscles in their trunk than we do in our entire body?!)!


Senior Education Specialist

Beth started off attending camp at Caldwell Zoo. When she aged out of camps, Beth joined the Education Team. This will be her 8th year on staff. She attended Texas A&M University Commerce where she received a degree in Wildlife Conservation and Environmental Science. Beth loves the silly games we play such as CHOMP! Her favorite animal at the Caldwell Zoo is Kizuri the Rhino because of her spunky personality and love for ear scratches.


Education Specialist

Kayla joined our team from North Carolina Aquarium. She attended the University of North Carolina a Chapel Hill, where she received a degree in Biology with a minor in Music. Kayla loves being creative during our programs while making crafts! Her favorite animal at Caldwell Zoo is Parker the jaguar, because he is so FUR-ocious.

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