When you can’t bring your group to the zoo, let the zoo come to you! The Caldwell Zoo Outreach program is an off-zoo grounds program that strives to deliver inspiring and engaging life science and conservation education to surrounding North East Texas schools. We offer 30-45 minute interactive age-appropriate programs that cover a wide range of animal and conservation topics. Our outreach programs include a visit from two of our education specialists and one to two of our animal ambassadors.

The Outreach program is available to schools within 60 miles of Caldwell Zoo.

Our transportation system is currently down for refurbishment we will update this page when the program becomes available. Check back for updates.


Movin' Along Let's get moving! Kids will love getting the chance to slither like snakes and hop like kangaroos in this fun filled program all about how animals move.

Moo, Quack, Hiss Look who's talking! This program allows kids to channel their inner animal by unleashing their most ferocious roars and howls.

I Need It! Animals get thirsty too! The students will walk away from this program knowing all about the basic needs of animal survival.

TEKS Covered: 112.11 K9 B - examine evidence that living organisms have basic needs such as food, water, and shelter for animals and air, water, nutrients, sunlight, and space for plants.

It's the Cycle of Life Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This is a program that could help answer the age-old question. Students will learn all about different life cycles and get a chance to participate in some fun learning activities.

TEKS Covered 112.12 1.10 (C)(D)-1.10(C) compare ways that young animals resemble their parents (D) observe and record life cycles of animals such as chicken, frog, or fish.

112.12 1.13 C investigate and record some of the unique stages that insects such as grasshoppers and butterflies undergo during their life cycle.

112.14 3.10 B investigate and compare how animals and plants undergo a series of orderly changes in their diverse life cycles such as tomato plants, frogs, and lady beetles.

What's on the Menu? Who's hungry?! Students will learn all about food webs and the different types of animals that create them.

TEKS Covered: : 112.15 4.9 (A) &(B)- 4.9(A) - investigate that most producers need sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to make their own food, while consumers are dependent on other organisms for food 4.9(B) - describe the flow of energy through food webs, beginning with the Sun, and predict how changes in the ecosystem affect the food web.

112.16 5.9 B-describe the flow of energy within a food web, including the roles of the Sun, producers, consumers, and decomposers.


School groups can book up to 2 consecutive programs, lasting 45 minutes each. The total cost of a program includes the program(s) cost plus the mileage cost.
Example: 2 programs booked 30 miles away would cost $120 (program cost) + $50 (mileage cost) = $170 (total cost).

# of Programs Cost
1 $60
2 $120

Mileage Costs
0 - 20 miles $25
20 - 40 miles $50
40 - 60 miles $75

Ambassador Animals

The Outreach program provides an opportunity for school groups to get up close and interact with our ambassador animals. Our ambassadors include a variety of small mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and even some invertebrates. Learn about their amazing and interesting natural behaviors, what they eat and how they are cared for at Caldwell Zoo. Meet our amazing ambassadors and let them inspire you and your group to take action saving animals in the wild on your next outreach!

We will surprise you with a selection of delightful critters; it is not possible to reserve specific animals when you schedule your Outreach program.

Booking Info

When you reserve an Outreach program, you will select a date and whether you would like us to come in the morning or afternoon. At the time of reservation, you will pay a deposit of $85. Our Education staff will contact you to arrange the rest of the details, and you will be sent an invoice for the remaining balance, or you may pay the balance over the phone. Your reservation must be completed at least one month before the date of your outreach.

Before you book, please be sure to read our policies and procedures to make sure we are a good fit for your school or event. Our Outreach programs are educational presentations for schools. We do not provide animals for a "petting zoo" experience, birthday parties, or private residences.

What we need from you:

  • Air conditioned staging area for our animals
  • Access to water
  • At least 1 large table provided (6-8 ft preferred)
  • An adult representative must be present and is responsible for student behavior during the presentation
  • No other activities may be happening during both setup and presentation
  • Ambassador animals must not be within 200 ft of non-zoo animals
  • Food and drink should not be consumed near or around ambassador animals during the program
  • Presenter will arrive 10-15 minutes prior to program to set up
  • U-shaped seating arrangement preferred but not required
  • We will be bringing animals that we feel are best suited for programming. Due to the nature of wild animals, Caldwell Zoo cannot guarantee specific animal requests.
  • In consideration for the health and safety of our animals, none of our animal encounters are guaranteed and Caldwell Zoo has the right to cancel an outreach ahead of time with full refund.
  • At the discretion of our Education Specialist, a program can and will be stopped or cancelled if the ambassador animals' welfare and safety is jeopardized in any way. In this instance, the outreach will not be refunded.
For our Outreach classroom programs, we have a maximum capacity of 35 participants. This includes teachers, aides, and chaperones. Any classes that have more than 35 participants will be billed additional program fees.
  • Forms of payment include organizational check or major credit cards.
  • Payments must be collected in full and received no later than 7 days prior to scheduled Outreach date.
  • The program will be canceled if the payment is not received by this date.
  • There will be no refunds for client cancellations on Outreach programs.
  • When available, rescheduling is possible if requested at least 2 weeks before scheduled visit.
  • Caldwell Zoo reserves the right to cancel any program due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, in which case a full refund will be provided.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us at education@caldwellzoo.org, or by phone at 903-593-0121 ext. 228.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a variety of animal ambassadors that are specifically trained and acclimated for outreach programs. We cannot guarantee specific animals; however we bring animals that we believe best fit your group's program.
Yes, we ask that a teacher or adult be present and monitor the audience at all times. Our Education Specialists may cancel or end a program, if the environment becomes unsafe or stressful for our Animal Ambassadors.
The presentation area must be air conditioned and have access to water for our animals. We also ask for at least 1 large table (6-8 ft preferred) for our staff to stage animals safely. Please note that our Animal Ambassadors must be safely located where program guests cannot access them during the presentation.
Loud noises such as music, bands, or other loud activities going on in the area can scare our animals.
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