Welcome Back!

The Caldwell Zoo is happy to announce that we’re open and ready to add fun to your summer.

Now is a great time to get outdoors, breath some fresh air, stretch the legs and celebrate nature.

Of course, due to COVID-19, our campus has been modified to deliver the best experience while promoting the safety for all our guests, staff and animals. New measure have been put into place to maximize the fun, while keeping everything clear and healthy. Almost every area of the zoo is open and some exciting, new experiences are coming on line. It’s a great time to visit your zoo!

Please take a moment to review the following information as we update the details on a regular basis.


Our number one goal is to make your visit to the zoo a good experience for all. The vast majority of the zoo is open and the animals are viewable in their standard habitats. Some adjustments have been made in response to COVID-19. The primary modifications have been made to provide adequate social distancing.
  • All visitors (including Members) must reserve a time slot for their visit in order to allow for physical distancing inside the zoo.
  • Time slots are valid for 30- minute entry times on a specific date, so please plan to arrive during your designated time to avoid overcrowding the front entrance of the zoo.
  • All foot traffic within the zoo will be one-way
  • There will be a separate Entry and Exit.
    • The Main Entry remains the same.
    • The Exit will feed into the Main Parking lot, near the regular entrance.
  • Reentry will not be allowed after exiting
  • The Chakula Café will be open, but with no inside seating. Guests can purchase refreshments and use our considerable outdoor dining space.
  • The ability to use cash is limited.
    • Please be prepared to pay for anything on campus with a valid credit or debit card. VISA, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.
  • Certain parts of the zoo are temporarily closed
Please review the information below for more details and links to obtain admission.


  • Admission to the zoo should be reserved and purchased in advance via our website.
  • Reservations will be valid for 30-minute entry time slots on a specific date.
      • Please make sure to bring either physical or digital copies of your time slot reservations for each member of your party, as well as your membership card or photo ID on the day of your visit.
      • Click below to reserve your time slot.

    Member Reservations


    If necessary, Zoo Members can renew their membership here prior to reserving a time slot.

    Membership Renewal


    Now is a GREAT time to become a zoo member. Membership has its privileges for sure. Members obtain easy access to reservations, free entry to zoo, special perks and insider information. With the current challenges due to COVID-19, being able to get out and visit the zoo is more rewarding than ever. Plus, you know you are directly helping the Caldwell Zoo and its family of spectacular animals.

    Become a Member

General Admission

  • Admission to the zoo should be reserved and purchased in advance via our website.
  • Admission tickets will be valid for 30-minute entry time slots on a specific date.
    • Please make sure to bring either physical or digital copies of your ticket.Admission tickets will be valid for 30-minute entry time slots on a specific date.
    • Click below to buy timed slot tickets.

    General Admission Tickets

Healthy Fun is Job #1

Zoo staff will wear proper PPE while on the zoo campus. Guests are strongly encouraged to wear a proper face mask or covering when on any part of the zoo campus. Social distancing is required while on the zoo campus. Hand sanitation stations will be available through the park.

The following Zoo features will be temporarily closed:

  • Petting Pen
  • Rhino House Building
  • Events Meeting Room
  • Playground is not open for use
  • All water fountains are off limits (Cups of water will be available at the Chakula Café and the Snocone stand in the North American area free of charge).


Become a Member

Now, more than ever, the zoo cherishes its members. During these trying times, the Caldwell Zoo hopes to be an island of respite, where families can safely visit, get outside and be uplifted by the wonder of our animal kingdom residents.

Guest Path Through the Zoo

To provide the best possible experience and safety of all our guests and employees, the Caldwell Zoo has implemented changes to allow for good social distancing and easy passageway. During the initial reopening, some areas will be closed or have partially restricted access.

Please see the updated map of our campus to better understand the foot traffic flow through the park.

The PINK ARROWS designate the mandatory route throughout the campus.
Guests must stay on the prescribed pathways and follow the correct route throughout the park.

Guests are expected to stay at least 6 feet (2 meters) from other guests and all zoo staff.

View PDF Map

Map Updatee

Zoo News

Beautiful, brand new anaconda exhibit is now open.

You’ve got to see this! We are proud to announce a spectacular new anaconda habitat in our Reptile House. “Ana”, the green anaconda, has grown and grown, now measuring 12’ long. So, she has moved into a beautiful, rain forest inspired exhibit. Now, you can see the grace and beauty of this magnificent species in as she shows off in her own private pool.

So, come on in, relax in the cool, comfort of our Reptile House and be awed.

And stay tuned. More big news is on the way!

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