Individuals and organizations (whether for profit or non-profit) may not solicit or sell items on zoo grounds to zoo guests, employees, campers or students.


For the health and safety of our animals and yours, pets are not allowed on zoo grounds.

Please do not leave a pet in your car during your visit to the zoo. If an animal is locked in a parked vehicle, Zoo Security may notify proper authorities.

However, service animals are permitted at the zoo. Guests with service animals must check in at Visitor Services upon arrival. In Texas, a service animal means a dog that is specially trained or equipped to help a person with a disability (including post-traumatic stress disorder). If a person’s disability is not apparent, a zoo employee may ask the person whether the service animal is required because the person has a disability and what type of task or work the animal is trained to perform.


No weapons (including but not limited to guns, knives and clubs) may be brought into zoo buildings or onto zoo grounds. This prohibition includes concealed handguns and open-carry handguns that can be lawfully carried elsewhere. Signs on our campus include the following notice required by Texas law:

“Pursuant to Texas Penal Code Section 30.06 (trespass by holder of a license to carry a concealed handgun) and Section 30.07 (handgun licensing law), a person licensed under Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code (handgun licensing law), may not enter this property with a concealed handgun or with a handgun that is carried openly.”

Skates & Skateboards

For the safety of our guests and animals, no skates, rollerblades, bicycles, children’s scooters, wheelies or skateboards are allowed on zoo grounds.

A zoo employee may forbid the use of any toy on zoo grounds that is deemed to be unsafe.

Code of Conduct

A visit to the zoo should be fun and safe for everyone and for our animals, too. Guests must strictly observe all warning signs.

Disrespectful behavior such as vulgarity, intoxication, theft, loitering and all other actions that negatively impact other guests will not be tolerated and will result in ejection from the zoo without a refund.

The zoo reserves the right to deny admission to, cancel the membership of or escort any person from zoo grounds if the guest violates park safety or security rules. Anyone who behaves in any way deemed harmful to animals or the zoo will be escorted from the zoo without a refund.


If you encounter an emergency or need medical attention, contact Visitor Services immediately at 903-593-0121.

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