Things to Do

See more. Learn more. Do more.

There’s plenty to do at the Caldwell Zoo, and we want you to enjoy your visit to the fullest. We believe every visit to the zoo should be a unique, fun, and educational experience that leaves you with lasting memories and eager to come back soon.

Of course, our primary focus is to connect people with wildlife, because we know animals inspire awe. Our campus is filled with opportunities to learn, play and embrace the wonders of nature.

As you stroll through our beautiful grounds, you’ll find interesting information about the fascinating animals that live here. You’ll also have opportunities to learn even more and enrich your guest experience. Some experiences happen every day; for others you’ll need to book in advance. Whether you’re spontaneous or a diligent planner, acres of good, smart fun are waiting for you.

Things to Do

Things to Do at the Caldwell Zoo

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