100th Hatchling!

The 100th Texas Horned Lizard has hatched at the Caldwell Zoo!

Texans are rather famous for being proud, and in this case, it is certainly well-earned.

The wild population of the iconic Texas Horned Lizard has greatly decreased over the years. These very special animals were once widespread across Texas, much of the southern United States, and northern Mexico. Due to habitat loss and invasive fire ants, the species has faced real challenges in the wild.

Understanding the importance of the situation, the Caldwell Zoo joined a special coalition of zoos, working with Texas Parks and Wildlife, to help save the horned lizards from extinction. Four years ago, we quietly opened our Texas Horned Lizard Conservation Center in order to safely breed the Texas Horned Lizard and release the hatchings into protected areas that are a part of their original, natural range.

So, we are absolutely overjoyed to share the hatching of our 100th horned lizard at our facility in Tyler.
Our expert animal keepers have really shown their insight and dedication to the success of this program. The horned lizards are provided with everything they need to thrive- custom-built habitats, egg incubators, and even hand-picked meals. After weeks of delicate care, here at the Caldwell Zoo, the young hatchlings will be transported to reserved release areas where they can grow and thrive in the wild.

We are looking forward to continuing to hatch and release more of the State Reptile of Texas to do our part to revive the wild population of this iconic species.

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