Jambo! Welcome to Africa! From our newly remodeled African Overlook you can enjoy a panoramic view of our three-acre re-created African savanna. Watch zebra, kudu, warthog, impala and even an ostrich as they roam the grasslands. African elephants enjoying their expanded habitat or splashing in their new 100,000 gallon pond make this experience truly memorable. Graceful reticulated giraffe are also a part of our savanna. For just $5.00 zoo guests are able to feed the giraffes from the new giraffe feeding station (weather permitting). Look to the far right, you’ll see African lions lazing about in their exhibit. As you travel on through Africa, you’ll spot a couple of prehistoric-looking black rhinoceros, a mob of very mischievous meerkats, huge African spurred tortoises and a troop of colobus monkeys that share their habitat with bongos and yellow-backed duikers. Of course, no trip to Africa would be complete without seeing the world’s fastest land mammal—the cheetah.

Inside the African aquarium there is definitely something in the water! It’s our colony of tuxedo-clad black-footed penguins! You won’t find any ice or snow in their exhibit since these birds live in southern Africa. In fact, it is usually a pleasant 70° in their exhibit. Walking on through the building there are other residents—golden weavers that are always busy building nests, African gray parrots hanging out in the trees and rock hyrax scurrying around.

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