Incredible News!

Caldwell Zoo welcomes three new Cheetah cubs!

We are thrilled to share some incredible news. One of our female cheetahs, Orchid, gave birth to a litter of three beautiful cubs! Orchid is being very attentive, and the cubs are comfortably nursing, which is exactly the type of motherly care we’d hope for. The new arrivals mark a remarkable achievement for the Caldwell Zoo’s breeding program, which aims to support the conservation efforts of cheetahs and educate the public about their importance in the ecosystem.
At this point, it’s extremely important to give the young family peace, quiet, and privacy. The keeper team will use strategically installed cameras to discreetly monitor the situation. So, we are especially thankful for our recently updated breeding center so that the new mother can have all the privacy she requires.

Click here for the announcement video

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