A Roar of Gratitude!

This year the Caldwell Zoo launched a new program, LIGHTS FOR LIONS, to help these extraordinary felines and the Tyler community showed up!

We invited our community to donate any unwanted string lights during the holiday. And we are so vey thankful for the magnificent action our community took.

We received a LOT of string lights, hundreds and hundreds of pounds, which were recycled at TYLER IRON AND METAL, and thus we received a payment for the metal. In addition, Tyler Iron and Metal was incredibly kind to give us an extra gift amount to go toward protecting lions in the wild.

By recycling 1,427 pounds of lights, we received $344.

That money is being donated to Lion Guardians, an AZA SAFE project, in addition to the field conservation support donation we made to them in 2022.By contributing funds to Lion Guardians, we will be helping protect lions in the wild through important fieldwork and educational programs.

We are so thankful for the action and generosity of our community and Tyler Iron and Metal. Together we are making a real difference.

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