World Rhino Day

Celebrating the Majestic Rhino on World Rhino Day!

Join us in honoring the incredible rhinoceros and the dedicated conservationists striving to protect these magnificent creatures.

Check out the reel on Facebook, and meet our remarkable resident black rhino, Kiano, a true ambassador for rhinos worldwide!

At the Caldwell Zoo, we’re proud to collaborate with the International Rhino Foundation to safeguard these extraordinary animals. All five rhino species (black, white, greater one-horned, Javan, and Sumatran) are endangered due to threats of poaching, habitat loss, and human encroachment.
:rhinoceros: Visit the Zoo and say hello to Kiano, our magnificent black rhino!
:rhinoceros: Raise awareness about rhinos and the challenges they face. Help educate others about the urgency of rhino conservation by sharing the Caldwell Zoo and IRF’s informative posts on social media.

Let’s stand together on this World Rhino Day and pledge to protect these incredible creatures for generations to come!
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