Xena June Turns 3 Today

It’s a very special day for a very special girl… it’s Xena June’s 3rd Birthday! Xena June started her life off with a lot of health challenges. After her birth, she wasn’t nursing, which is necessary to give her the immunity to survive.

The exceptional Caldwell Zoo veterinary staff and zookeepers tried many different treatment methods, like a plasma transfusion and testing different feeding methods and formulas. Finally, after much trial and error, Xena June reacted very positively to cow’s milk. Soon after she began eating, she grew quickly and started running around and feeling confident.

With the help of our incredible keepers, vet staff, and Xena June’s determination, she pulled through. This girl is an incredible fighter with a lot of personality, and we are so happy to be celebrating her 3rd Birthday with her. Stop by and wish her a BIG Happy Birthday!

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